Studies have proven what we all intuitively know to be true: laughter brings people together and makes them feel great. And no one delivers laughs to corporate audiences as consistently and cleverly as Scott Bloom. 

Scott Bloom Corporate Event Comedic Keynote Speaker

As a corporate entertainer who has maximized the power of emotional connections for over 25 years, Scott will take your employees on a journey they won’t forget.  In this hilarious and insightful keynote, you’ll go beyond customer satisfaction and learn what it takes to really capture the heart of your customers.  With plenty of big laughs, a potent message, and
fun-filled audience participation, your team will learn tips to create powerful connections, including why it’s important to:

•      Make an investment in another

•      Tailor the experience for your customers

•      Open up and hear each other’s stories

•      Create a true partnership based on trust and support

•      Express gratitude and appreciation for others

With Scott, you get more than an inspiring keynote; you get customized content that is for and about your audience.  It’s time to take your event, and more importantly your business, to the next level by injecting Scott’s fresh perspective. The ideas shared will surely impact your results as your team learns to build new bonds and keep your customers coming back for more.