The Power of Laughter. The Language of Business.

Studies have proven what we all intuitively know to be true: laughter brings people together and makes them feel great. And no one delivers laughs to corporate audiences as consistently and cleverly as Scott Bloom. 


Breaking it down

Scott Bloom Corporate Event Comedic Keynote Speaker

When work life gets busy or complicated or stressful; Scott says break it down into the small stuff so it won’t look so overwhelming. And in his comedic keynote, that’s what Scott does. He breaks down the big things into small bits. Hysterical business-related bits on acronyms, partnership, communication, language, the power of numbers and more. The end result is an intuitive lesson on learning to laugh. On maintaining a sense of humor in the workplace. On addressing one little thing at a time. His bright and clear performance is a release valve for stress and a motivator for moving on one sure step after another.  He’s got a knack for lightening the load.