About Scott Bloom - Corporate Event Emcee, Awards Host and Comedic Keynote Speaker

Scott can be trusted in front of any audience.  He’s smart, funny, clean and always engaging.  Never misses a beat.  He’s authentic and relatable.  And he’s a quick study.  In a heartbeat, Scott walks and talks the corporate brand and business.  In fact most of his comedic routines are built around the company and corporate culture.  His clients love that.  

He’s also quick on his feet.  Turning any unexpected moment on stage into corporate gold.  Clients love that too. And more than that, he’s a people person.  Audiences instantly connect.  And the message is always heard and embraced.  

On stage, executives connect just as well.  He has a way of inspiring confidence that the transitions and their introductions will be flawless - and that always leads to better speaker presentations.  He seamlessly and masterfully manages shows to successful outcomes.  At every level.  And, that’s why many of Scott’s clients continue to bring him back year after year.